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​"When you want to do more than just saying thank you…"


Striving for excellence is no stranger to our co-founder and President, Jennifer Ng. Leaving her native country with a full scholarship to pursue her education at Warwick University, U.K, Jennifer completed a Masters degree in Computer Science making the Dean’s honor roll list graduating with full honors in her class.

After meeting her husband and moving to Toronto, Jennifer joined one of the biggest financial corporations in Canada and has worked her way up as an I.T Director in Capital Markets and at the same time completing her CFA charter.

Yet, all of this was still not enough for Jennifer and after having experienced a lot of challenges in finding the right wedding favor for her own wedding, Jennifer knew that there was a need to bring the current online shopping availability for wedding favors to a more personable level and to be able to find unique and affordable wedding favors while shopping from the comfort of the home.

Wedding favor gifts or wedding "favours" as we Canadians would write it are wedding gifts that are offered by the bride and groom at their wedding parties to all their guests as a token of appreciation. As our President says, "…Inviting families and friends to participate in your event is one thing but when you consider the efforts that they put in to ensure to be present, to fly over to your destination to attend your celebration or to make all sorts of arrangements just to make sure that they won’t miss your celebration, you definitely want to give something back when you want to do something more than just saying thank you."

WedFavors For You was founded with the mission to help you find something elegant and unique yet affordable to thank your guests. Our company is committed to providing better access to an online store where you can easily customize and personalize your gift to make it your own.

Making your gift as unique as possible is a key value for our President and she continues to work with different suppliers to find and bring the next innovative product to this market.

When looking for favors, there are a few simple guidelines in finding the perfect one. Find something that will match your theme party colors such as our Tiffany blue favor boxes. Alternatively, you can also choose something that is relevant to you, for example if your are a music teacher, you could go with "Music of The Heart Frosted Tealight Holder" or try to match to the current season like our "Fall impressions” glass photo coasters" if you are having a Fall celebration. However, these are only guidelines and after all, you should be able to choose anything that you think suits your needs.

Our Company values are based on the same values as our customers. We know that our customers are looking for a reliable store where they can depend on someone to help them find the perfect gift. We know that you are looking for affordable yet high quality and elegant items and we know that you are looking for a place where you can be reassured that you will get your items well packaged and in a timely manner. As our President says, "These are not business rules that we have made up but principles that we have been brought up with and these are values that will make our business stand apart from the rest."

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